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Paid advertising can be the fastest way to grow your business or the quickest way to bankruptcy. We are constantly researching market trends, platforms, and tracking technology to help you navigate the treacherous waters of paid traffic.

Paid traffic campaigns produce immediate results and provide the ability to laser target specific types of keywords that your ideal customers are already searching for.

Through research with our unique tools, we find both the obvious buyer keywords, and the hidden gems, that produce more cost effective results. By working with you to understand your ideal client, we find keywords for cold, warm and hot traffic, and then test to see which produces the highest ROI.

The only drawback to paid traffic is that once you turn it off, the traffic drops immediately. However, when you combine the immediate traffic generation PPC campaings offer, with longer term strategies like SEO, and email, you have a comprehensive strategy that will help your business achieve sustainable results into the future.

Businesses make

An average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in AdWords.

You need a certified guide

Let's face it commerce has changed so much in recent past that someone in a short comma would not even recognize it. The times of running a basic DIY AdWords campaign are over. The sophistication of online advertising just keeps climbing. Commerce has changed so much in just the past five years alone. Staying on top of the rapid growth and change takes dedicated expertise.

Lubbock Web Guy is constantly working to deliver the best possible options to our clients. Logistically we can't do it all in-house, but by using a network of partners we can ensure our clients get a higher ROI and better service. Instead of trying to understand the best way to advertise with over a dozen channels we simply spend our time researching the right partners. Our clients are important to us which is why we rely on our partners to handle advertising outside of our expertise.

Types of Ads Targeting Available from Lubbock Web Guy


Unlike traditional advertising, which almost entirely focuses on reaching the maximum amount of people (with very little or zero demographic controls), online advertising allows you to hyper-target your company's greatest potential customers.

Take a roofing company, for example:

Instead of a billboard, TV, or radio commercial that is simply "blasted out" to everyone, we can set up an ad campaign that people only see if they search for a phrase on Google along the lines of "roofing service in Lubbock, TX", "Lubbock roofing contractor", or "West Texas roofing company". Additionally, we can launch another ad campaign that only targets people who are 30+, are parents/homeowners, have XYZ level of education, like home improvement projects, are fans of Home Depot and Lowes, and live in certain zip codes that are either generally affluent, or have recently been exposed to major hail damage. In both of these instances, the viewers of these ads will already be "hot" prospects for your roofing business. This means that you will only pay to show your advertisements to the people who are most likely to buy your products/services, as opposed to paying for ad exposure to literally every person possible--including people who aren't even in the market for what you're offering.

Hyper-Targeting allows you to focus on building your brand in your actual market, advertise only to those who are already in need of your product/service, and get significantly better ad spend ROI than you would traditionally.


Re-Targeting takes Hyper-Targeting to the next level, and is an excellent way to further optimize your ad spend ROI. Have you ever visited a website before, only to leave and see ads for that website all over the internet? It's almost as if... the ads were "stalking" you--and constantly reminding you of the product/service that you once showed interest in? (And maybe even convinced you to eventually purchase it!) That's Re-Targeting, and it's an extremely effective advertising strategy in today's world.

To use the roofing company as an example again, imagine someone visiting your company's website or social media while doing an informal competitive analysis between local roofing companies, to ultimately decide who they wanted get in touch with for estimates and/or work. A Re-Targeting ad campaign could be set up to only advertise to people falling into this group (people who have engaged with your online assets in some way), and can continue to build your company's value their eyes while they continue to browse the web, conduct more roofing service due diligence, check the news, and maybe even do some online shopping. Your ad(s) will follow them the whole way through, constantly providing your brand with valuable real estate: the field of awareness of your hottest prospective customers.

Re-Targeting can also be combined with Hyper-Targeting in some cases*, making for a highly optimized, synergistic ad campaign with truly potent results. Having said that, each of the two advertising strategies can yield an impressive ad spend ROI in their own right, and by no means need to be combined in order to produce positive, worthwhile results.


Geofencing is the ability to restrict your ad campaign to a specific geographic area, or areas. It allows companies to display their ads to a certain country, region, state, city, county, zip code/group of zip codes, or even a one-mile radius around a specific address.

The roofing company scenario above (in the Hyper-Targeting section) is a great example. A roofing company may want to run an ad campaign that targets homeowners who are age 30+, have an interest in home improvement, like shopping at Home Depot and Lowes, and live in wealthy zip codes throughout West Texas. We would make sure that the ads intended for this affluent segment of the roofing market are only shown to the specified affluent, local zip codes ("local" is defined by the company's operational reach). On the other hand, if Lubbock or another city in West Texas experiences another major hailstorm that results in severe roof damage for houses in many neighborhoods, we could set up an ad campaign that geofences the zip codes where the most damage occurred, and only show that particular ad to homeowners in those areas--regardless of home improvement interests or socioeconomic status (i.e., if insurance is paying for it anyway).

Very in-depth geofencing isn't always necessary to do, but it can significantly increase your ad spend ROI in certain cases. At the minimum, though, many local companies will probably want to at least geofence the Lubbock or West Texas area (i.e., to make sure that we only show your ads to people who have the ability to do business with you in the first place). For businesses with a wider-reach, such as a law firm with attorneys licensed throughout Texas, we can run a state-wide Texas ad campaign, or break it up into multiple city- and/or county-based campaigns to give your ads a more local feel. There's virtually no limit to how much we can tweak the parameters of any given ad campaign, and we will work with you on customizing your own campaign to ensure that it meets your company's unique needs in an optimal way.


From small design enhancements to full website makeovers, we can help boost conversion and create happy customers who will use your company with zeal.


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