Website development differs from web design because development involves coding which interacts directly with the server and database; however, client-side coding will interact with the viewer’s web browser. When an application must be made, HTML will only help with the actual displaying of the content. Website development is the coding that allows for websites to pull information from database, provide intense calculations and even send email.
From social networks to content management systems, website development is essential. Depending on the server’s operating system and the properly installed libraries, development can be done using:

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • ColdFusion
  • ASP

There are dozens of popular languages that can be used to ensure that a website development project can be completed with the utmost precision. The major difference between any languages used will be speed and rapid development capabilities. While Python may be faster than PHP, there is a minimal difference seen unless used on a highly-trafficked website.

Types of Development

There are two types of development that determine exactly how an application or site will react. This includes:

Client-side coding: Ajax, Flash, jQuery or a variety of other coding methods can be used to interact with the visitor’s actual browser. Client-side coding is processed on the client’s browser and allows them to interact with a site’s server. When a form is validated or information is input without leaving a page, this is an example of client-side coding.

Server-side Coding: This is coding that takes care of any data that is received or sent during a browsing session. This is where security practices will be implemented as well as database interaction, filtering and intense processing.

Utilizing the latest programming languages and practices, Lubbock Web Guy can help you bring your idea from concept to reality. We have years of experience coding custom applications for our clients to meet their business needs. We have done it all from social networks to content management systems that far exceed the power of WordPress or other alternatives.

We are always just a phone call away if you want to discuss a custom web development project. 806–831–5033. We offer the following services.

Content Management Systems

When open source content management systems simply do not suffice, a custom developed system can be made. This allows for content to be stored in or retrieved using a database to meet your company’s needs. This is what is needed for truly unique web applications, or for websites that need a management system that is more robust than the standard options available.
Our content management systems are designed to ensure the utmost in speed and are intuitively designed to be easy-to-use. These CMS solutions allow for complete management of your website.
Client Interaction
Client interaction systems can be put in place so that your clients can:
Ask questions
Submit return inquiries
Purchase products
Send messages
Our client interaction systems are designed to ensure that if your client has a question or concern, there is an easy route of contacting you. This can be anything from messages to complete client portals which can assign usernames and logins for clients.

Portal Systems

Portal systems allow users to be able to interact with a webpage that displays specific information. A business may have a web portal that employees can enter that shows them the upcoming work that needs to be done for the week.

Web portals can also consist of a search page or any type of page that combines data for users to see and absorb.

Presentation Websites

Presentation websites that go beyond a basic blog or HTML page. Display media-rich content to visitors and do so using a variety of different technologies. Interactive tours, flash pages and numerous other solutions can be presented to bring a static website to life providing a presentation to clients and visitors.

Secure File Management

Secure file management is an essential part of every web entity. This will include the ability to upload files, download files or move files without fear of them being retrieved or viewable by other users.
Lubbock Web Guy has over 7 years of experience helping develop intricate systems and web applications to meet customer needs. The services mentioned above are just a few of the areas that we deal with. If you need a solution developed that is not listed, please contact us to see how we can help

Social Networks

Social networks allow users to interact with other users seamlessly. This is done using a login system wherein users are assigned unique names or identifications so that they can interact with the site and other users.

We can create a complete social networking application so that your users have a place to go and interact together. This is great for web applications, clubs with many members or companies that want a place where their employees can all interact virtually.