Want to get to the top of Google? (Part1/2)

Search engine ranking tips

You’ve worked hard to build your business into a seven-figure enterprise. But being an entrepreneur, you’re never really satisfied. It’s almost as if entrepreneurship and ambition (and thus, dissatisfaction) just naturally go hand in hand.

You always want to get to the next level. And you think you’ve found the answer: get serious with internet marketing, and get to the top of the Google search engine so more prospects and future customers can find your company.

The Million Dollar Question

The question you’re now asking yourself is: how can I get to the top — and stay at the top — so I can increase my company’s exposure and also revenue as a result?

This is a question that professional internet marketers ask themselves every day. And many have dedicated their entire careers to researching the most effective ways (also commonly known as “the secrets”) to rank highly in search engines — a field known as search engine optimization (or “SEO”).

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Lubbock Web Guy happens to employ a few SEO specialists, and I’d like to share how the process works with you in a nutshell.

Search engines like Google were built with a very specific mission in mind: they want to organize the information on the web, and bring you (the web searcher) the most relevant and valuable results when you search for specific keywords.

(There are many search engines out there, such as Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL, but I’ll only refer to Google for the rest of this article for simplicity’s sake. Besides, they control 67% of the online search market anyway, so they should be your main priority.)

Need a Lawyer in Lubbock?

For example, let’s say you want to find a business attorney for legal consulting and contract drafting in Lubbock, TX, and you search for that online. It is Google’s job to bring you the most relevant results based on your search query, and it will do its best to bring you who it thinks (based on its algorithm) are the business attorneys most suited to your needs in the area.

The better the results it brings you, the more satisfied you are, and the more likely you are to use them again when you want to search for other things in the future. Google then makes money by selling advertising, and they know that as long as they bring people high value, relevant results, people will continue to use them and inadvertently view their ads.

Google Wants to Make You Happy

Google makes billions of dollars annually with this system, so they have every incentive, as well as the resources, to make it as smooth and effective as possible. In other words, they know that as long as they keep you happy when you search for products, services, information, or vacations, they will keep their corporate revenue in the billions.

Once you understand how Google (and the search engines in general) works, it is important to align to your goals with theirs as much as possible, so your website gains favor and high rank as a result. Ultimately, though, as you’ll see, your goals are already more aligned than you may think.

Let’s Take Action

In Part 2 we’ll discuss some actionable steps that you can take to show your alignment with Google’s grand agenda, which will thus increase your ranking in their search engine, and drive more potential customers to your business. Remember that that’s what search engine optimization is all about in the end: increasing your visibility online so you can acquire more customers and generate more revenue.

At Lubbock Web Guy, we’ll always understand what’s important to you as an ambitious entrepreneur: helping more people and making more money.

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