How much does the Internet weigh?

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How big is the internet?

The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, estimated that the entire internet contained about five million terabytes of information (a terabyte is 1012 or 1,000,000,000,000 bytes; the order is megabyte -> gigabyte -> terabyte; think million, billion, trillion), and is expected to double in size every five years. This estimate was also provided roughly five years ago, by the way, so we could safely assume we’re at around 10 million terabytes of information now… at minimum.

That is an absolutely massive amount of data. Do you think Google has a lot of data collected in its search engine? The former CEO said that they’ve only scraped a small percentage of the information floating around out there. Small as in a single-digit percentage.

Somehow, though, the super smart geeks over at Vsauce were able to figure out how much the internet weighs, and decided to kindly bring us the details in a four-minute YouTube video. Thanks, Vsauce.


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