How do we measure up?

Comparing the different forms of marketing shows just how well Lubbock Web Guy will maximize your marketing dollars.

How does Lubbock Web Guy compare to these other forms of advertisement?  It is easy to understand how Lubbock Web Guy has seen over 50% growth every year!  Superior products, outstanding service, and an absurdly high client Return on Investment keeps us growing year after year.


Newspaper is a dying industry.  Imagine having to wait up to a full day to get information, when the internet, TV, and radio can get it to you immediately.  The decade of the 2000s claimed more failed newspaper publishers than any in the history of printing.  Of the remainders, ad costs have gone through the roof to make up for declining sales and profits.


Satellite radio has decimated the market shares of local radio stations, making local radio advertising far less efficient. Mp3 players, iPods and internet radio, iTunes, Amazon and more have given listeners the ability to completely avoid any interruption when listening to music or talk radio.


The DVR (digital video recorder) and TiVo have destroyed the effectiveness of television advertising, which sees large declines every year.  We could talk about On Demand, Hulu, Netflix, Redbox and Amazon Prime but I think you get the point.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Page companies have begun phasing out printed books in some areas of the country.  Significantly reducing, even stopping, yellow page advertising is a real cost-saving benefit our clients.